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Orbit Festival 2018

How We Face the World

Last year, Orbit looked at our place in the world, now Orbit Festival 2018 brings together innovative new work from theatre makers across the globe who want to explore how we face the world, our relationship with the past, how we remember, the stories we tell ourselves and what it is that makes us who we are today.

Does where we come from define who we are? Must we delve into the past in order to journey onwards? Are we the choices that we make, the relationships we try to form, our quests for understanding, for love, and for self-expression? How do we face the world?

Like you, these artists are extraordinary. They have their stories; all they need now is you. Join them for a journey through the places they’ve been, the faces they wear, who they were then, who they are now and what they will become.


Want to learn more about Orbit Festival 2018? Listen to our podcast below:


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