Workshop: Milk Presents Devising Gender

Ladies, gentlemen and everyone beyond the binary, join Milk Presents in a practical workshop for curious artists.

How can you define queer? How can you queer a space, an object or a body? What might a post-gender utopia look like? A world free from pinks and blues? If we didn’t have gender, how would his and hers happy meals work? Or toilets? Or onesies? When did you come out as straight? Who says that’s anyone’s business?! OK wow, just stop for a moment…

Using devising, theory and discussion, this practical workshop will explore the theories and techniques that underpin Milk Presents’ unique queer performance practice. This workshop is for anyone wanting to explore queer performance and gender.

Milk Presents are an internationally renowned theatre company. They make accessible, entertaining performance that shift perceptions of gender and identity. Their show Bullish, which is part of Orbit 2018 this Autumn, pits modern gender navigation against ancient Greek myth to furiously rip-up and re-write the rule book. Their previous show Joan was a drag-king cabaret retelling of Joan of Arc. It won numerous awards for innovation, including an Off West-End and Fringe First.

Milk Presents run a variety of workshops for artists and communities, alongside Gender Inclusion and Positivity Training for venues. This workshop is for practising artists wishing to unpick queer narratives and identity in their work. It will offer an introduction into devising techniques as well as critical discussion around gender, identity and performance.

  • £8 full/ £6 concs