Curated by award-winning company YESYESNONO, Propel is a scratch night for the experimental, for the daring and for the alive.

See four exceptional artists try out brand new ideas as part of HOME’s new scratch night – an evening of experimentation and daring, with each act exploring the relationship between performer and performance.

Experience something completely new, give your feedback, and enjoy a roaring performance from a musical act to finish your night.

“Propel is billed as ‘a scratch night for the experimental, for the daring and for the alive… Entertaining, a scratch night in its purest form.” – Mancunion

Spill – Written and performed by Caitlin Gleeson

‘If I tell you, will I be able to forget? If I tell you, it might tear apart the story I’ve tried so hard to remember.’

Spill is a powerful one-woman show questioning how we remember our own pasts. Weaving together amusing anecdotes, red wine and sobering truths, this performance considers what it means to talk and to keep silent in the aftermath of something unspeakable.

Based on a Catholic upbringing, a shared but contested family history, and women’s experiences of speaking out, writer and performer Caitlin Gleeson uses personal stories to show that even seemingly solid evidence can waver, and that a lack of evidence means the relationship between the person telling and the people listening is ever more crucial.

In an honest account of real life experiences, Spill is a complex exploration of how trauma impacts memory, asking the audience to question how we witness an act of remembering.

Ergon – By Ergon Theatre

The year is 2058 and you have been summoned to attend an Energy Dependancy Test as part of your assimilation into the new zero emissions Ergon society.

Manchester-based collective ERGON theatre share their first incarnation of Ergon, a project that responds to research conducted by London and New Zealand transport into the futures we may face as a result of climate change.

standing; remember – By Soraya Nabipour

The performer’s task is to remember for an hour.

standing; remember looks at, amongst other things, what it means to make the private public.

Desert Island Flicks – Spiltmilk Dance

A blockbuster, adventure and rom com rolled into one, Desert Island Flicks reimagines the most popular box office hits from the history of cinema through 21st Century eyes.

Filled with plot twists and cliff hangers, swoony romances and full on tear-jerkers, grab your popcorn for a whistle stop tour of the suave spies, talking toys, singing nuns and pesky ice bergs that have kept us glued to cinema seats over the last 80 years.

Desert Island Flicks will spin off, re-make, spoof, and shine a spotlight on life lessons learnt from the big screen. A cross between a dance performance, sketch show and a night at the movies; blending spoken word, intricate choreography and belly laughs.

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  • Running time approx 2 hours
  • Recommended age 16+
  • £5 full