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The Host (15)

Starts Fri 30 Oct 2020 at 17.45
Parasite director Bong’s aquatic creature-feature is up to something similar – like his Oscar-winner it’s got plenty to...

Death Line (18)

Starts Fri 30 Oct 2020 at 20.15
A murder on the London Underground alerts authorities to the possibility of some sort of creature living in...

Candyman (15)

Starts Sat 31 Oct 2020 at 15.00
Saying his name 5 times is enough to invoke the all-too-physical spirit, with his appearance bringing both an...

Jennifer’s Body (15)

Starts Sat 31 Oct 2020 at 20.00
Forced into a black-magic ritual by members of a rock band, popular high-school student Jennifer is transformed into...

The Stuff (15)

Starts Sun 1 Nov 2020 at 17.45
There’s a tasty, fun new dessert on the shelves called The Stuff, but the truth behind what it...

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Relic (CTBA)

From Fri 30 Oct
A deeply unsettling psychological horror, Relic is the debut feature of Natalie Erika James, who brings a fresh...

Shirley (15)

From Fri 30 Oct
Going nowhere with a novel about the disappearance of a local girl, writer Shirley Jackson gets the inspiration...

Two of Us (CTBA)

From Fri 30 Oct
Featuring a trio of powerhouse performances from Barbara Sukowa (Hannah Arendt) & Léa Drucker (Custody), Two of Us...

Mogul Mowgli (15)

From Fri 30 Oct
Bassam Tariq’s directorial debut, co-written with Riz Ahmed, finds a British-Pakistani rapper’s life spiralling out of control when,...

Adam Buxton Rambles

Sun 28 Feb 2021 – Mon 1 Mar 2021
Join comedian and podcast host Adam Buxton as he talks about and reads from his upcoming new book.
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