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Perfect 10 (15)

Screening at HOME Mon 28 Sep
14-year-old Leigh lives with a neglectful father. She’s a talented gymnast, training hard for her 1st competition. When...

Make Up (15)

Thu 14.45
Transforming a coastal setting into a labyrinth of creeping intrigue, debut director Oakley inventively flirts with genre conventions...

Monsoon (CTBA)

From Fri 25 Sep
A rich and poignant reflection on the struggle for identity in a place where the past weighs heavily...

System Crasher (15)

Sat 26 Sep
Controversial from the moment it premiered at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival, documentarian Nora Fingscheidt’s fiction feature debut...

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Los Sonámbulos (15)

Starts Thu 1 Oct 2020 at 15.30
When three generations of a family gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve one hot Argentinian summer, tensions simmer...

Bicycle Thieves (U)

Starts Sun 4 Oct 2020 at 15.15
A journey of despair and a heartfelt celebration of a tender father-son relationship. Follow Antonio and Bruno through...

Sonatine (18)

Starts Mon 5 Oct 2020 at 19.00
Murakawa is sent to intervene in a gang war on the island of Okinawa. Things takes a turn...

White Riot (15)

Coming Soon
Expanding her 2017 short, Rubika Shah’s energising film charts a vital London protest movement Rock Against Racism.

Girlfriends (CTBA)

Starts Sat 10 Oct 2020 at 15.15
A woefully neglected gem about Susan, a struggling photographer who is forced to fend for herself when her...

Ran (12A)

Starts Sun 11 Oct 2020 at 15.00
Kurosawa’s stunning interpretation of King Lear is restored and presented in stunning 4K. Spectacularly beautiful, bloody and action-packed,...

Time (15)

Starts Sun 11 Oct 2020 at 18.15
Enduring love and social justice lie at the heart of this poignant documentary about a single mother’s battle...

Supernova (15)

Starts Mon 12 Oct 2020 at 20.40
After twenty years together, Sam and Tusker’s blissful life has been shattered following Tusker’s diagnosis with early onset...

Mogul Mowgli (15)

Starts Tue 13 Oct 2020 at 18.00
Bassam Tariq’s directorial debut, co-written with Riz Ahmed, finds a British-Pakistani rapper’s life spiralling out of control when,...

After Love (15)

Starts Thu 15 Oct 2020 at 20.40
In this knockout feature debut from BAFTA-nominated short filmmaker Aleem Khan, Joanna Scanlan is superb as a woman...

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Mangrove (15)

Wed 7 Oct 2020
Multi-award winning director Steve McQueen’s rousing tale of Black solidarity and resistance brings a seminal moment in British...

Shirley (15)

Fri 9 Oct 2020
Going nowhere with a novel about the disappearance of a local girl, writer Shirley Jackson gets the inspiration...
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Nomadland (15)

Fri 16 Oct 2020
Frances McDormand illuminates Chloé Zhao’s follow up to The Rider, a humane and lyrical film about people living...
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Vertigo (PG)

Sat 24 Oct
A former detective with a fear of heights is hired to follow a woman apparently possessed by the...