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Rhum + Clay presents

Project Dictator

Their choice? To die onstage - or off it. Beautiful and bonkers - it’s the clown show about totalitarianism we never knew we needed. Rhum…

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Manchester Literature Festival presents

Yanis Varoufakis in Conversation

Tue 26 Sep

Is Capitalism dead? Yanis Varoufakis is here to convince you that it is and that it’s been replaced by technofeudalism. A passionate and informative speaker,…

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Peyvand Sadeghian and HOME presents

Dual دوگانه

One woman, two passports, and two names: Peyvand is British. Parisa is Iranian.

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Kathy and Stella Solve A Murder!

The hilarious comedy musical from the Olivier Award-winners behind Fleabag, Baby Reindeer and A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)

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Two Destination Language presents


Sat 7 Oct

An inspiring, insightful and moving celebration of Katherina Radeva’s 40 years as a woman, a migrant and an artist. On a dance floor for one,…

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Curious Monkey and Hamzeh Al Hussien presents


This extraordinary story takes you on a personal tour of the places he knows best: - places full of music, dancing, fantasies and marbles.

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Manchester Literature Festival in partnership with Manchester Lit & Phil presents

George Monbiot in Conversation with Sarah Bridle

Mon 16 Oct

One of our most fearless voices on nature, climate change and the environment, George Monbiot’s joins Professor Sarah Bridle to talk about his new book,…

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Dibby Theatre presents


Manchester 2016. In the middle of a hot and sweaty queer warehouse party, two damaged hearts collide. He is white, HIV+ and drowning in shame.…

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Manchester Literature Festival presents

Jeremy Deller in Conversation

Sun 22 Oct

One of the most innovative and playful artists of his generation, Jeremy Deller joins us to talk about the power of imagination, creativity, collaboration, Manchester…

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