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Dante or Die presents

User Not Found

It’s the moment of your death.
There’s a magic button.
Do you delete your entire online legacy?
Or do you keep it – and leave the choice for someone else?

User Not Found is about our digital lives after we die. Dante or Die’s new play, created with pioneering theatre-artist Chris Goode, is performed in Pot Kettle Black Café in Manchester, where you’ll be handed a smartphone and a pair of headphones. Become a fly-on-the-wall to peer into the life of a man who is faced with keeping or deleting.

A story of contemporary grief unfolds through this intimate performance that gently interrogates our emotional dependence on our screens.

★★★★ “Chris Goode’s tender script hands us each the weight of the internet and asks how we get closure in a world where nothing ever switches off… A beautiful song of love and letting go.” – The Guardian

★★★★ “User Not Found fuses flights of magical realism with the reality of grief and bereavement in the digital age… Lyrical, funny, and moving.” – iNews

★★★★ “Even enhanced by technology and the electric charge of the intimate space, what has the most power, ultimately, is the human touch… A beautifully human story about the impact of technology on grief.” – The Stage

★★★★ “The warmth, commitment and presence of [Terry] O’Donovan keep us firmly engaged from start to finish.” – A Younger Theatre

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