“I am a bull. I am a bull…ish. I live between worlds. Slip between myths with dexterous leaps. Do I scare you? How about now?”

Meet Asterion, better known as the terrifying, blood thirsty Minotaur of Ancient Crete. Follow them through one stark night, one cabaret odyssey, one strapping search for the man they might want to be.

Bullish pits ancient mythology against modern gender navigation to furiously disrupt, traverse and rewrite the rule book. Stepping into the ring with a gender fierce ensemble of hopers and renegades, Bullish is a story about packing, passing, and gambling your way out of the labyrinth.

A new mythical play with songs, negotiating ancient and new territories in transmasculine gender and identity. This show drops a proverbial bull into a china shop and hopes it breaks everything.

“A gripping show that mixes the concept of a reasonably familiar ancient legend with a very modern cabaret performance style… Yields a refreshingly unique and different experience… A highly entertaining and deeply moving theatrical creation.” – The Greater Manchester Reviewer

“An interesting mix of the mythological and the contemporary… A fascinating and ultimately moving piece of theatre.” – Reviewer Number 9

“Tackles serious subjects and does not avoid the gravity of the situation… The original and highly entertaining manner of presentation ensures the play is not just preaching to the converted and has a wide appeal for all audiences.” – British Theatre Guide

“The idea is a great one, inverting stories from history and mythology to explore notions of how gender can be constructed and then deconstructed – genius.” – Mancunion

Bullish takes real care in communicating slippery ideas… a celebration of choice that never loses sight of the struggle of choosing, but lays the scope of options out in full sight.” – What’s On Stage

“There is both a playfulness and richness in the way the company invert and reassemble old stories. It is compelling and often moving to watch a cast intent on chiselling new stories out of old, and in the process throwing off outmoded constraints and embracing their new, constantly evolving identities.” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

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  • Running time 60 mins
  • Recommended age 12+
  • This show contains haze, flashing lights and loud music.
  • £12.50 full / £10.50 conc
  • Want to see two shows in one night? On Tue 30 & Wed 31 Oct you can see Bullish + A Hundred Different Words for Love for £21 full / £19 conc. Discount will be added automatically in your basket
  • Captioning available on mobile devices through The Difference Engine