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¡Viva! Presents New Spanish Cinema

This November we bring you the final instalment of the 21st ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Film Festival: The Weekenders, with an excellent line-up of five great films from Spain, including one in Catalan and one in the Basque language. We open the Weekender with thrilling drama Felices 140, the first of four films featuring strong female leads battling to resolve crises: from the dark black humour of animation Pos eso to light-hearted fun in Requisitos para ser una persona normal. Striking a very different note, we have the political thriller Lasa eta Zabala depicting real life events from the so-called Dirty War in mid-1980s Spain. The Weekender is packed not only with great films but also introductory talks and a director post-screening Q&A. The programme includes a talk on Lasa eta Zabala and new Basque cinema and a One Hour Intro which explores the horror influences behind Pos eso and places the film in the context of European animation.

¡Bienvenidos a España en Manchester!