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Spanish A2 Study Day: Requisitos para ser una persona normal

Recommended for A2 and equivalent level Spanish

This study day will address the following topics:  diversity and difference, family life, social relationships, looking for and getting a job, youth and adulthood, emotions and feelings, film analysis, contemporary Spanish cinema and women in the film industry.

Carmen Herrero will present the film in Spanish, providing relevant information on the film and its social and political contexts, as well as introducing key vocabulary on these topics.

The screening will be followed after lunch by a series of language exercises in Spanish including character studies, film genre analysis and discussion of the main themes in the film.

Led by Carmen Herrero, Head of Spanish at Manchester Metropolitan University

Screening: Requisitos para ser una persona normal (Requirements To Be A Normal Person) (Recommended 12A certificate)
Dir Leticia Dolera / Spain 2015 / 94 mins / In Spanish with English Subtitles / Leticia Dolera / Manuel Burque / David Verdaguer

What does it mean to be normal? 30-year-old María thinks she has the answer, a checklist of fundamental requirements; the only problem is she cannot tick off a single one. And so she sets out on a personal mission to become ‘normal’, fervently seeking these seven desires: a home, a partner, a job, a social life, a family life, a hobby and, of course, happiness.

Dolera’s heart-warming story is an impressive directorial debut full of laugh-out-loud scenes, a great indie-pop soundtrack composed by the Spanish singer-songwriter Luthea Salom, and a delightful line-up of quirky characters. This film is selected as part of HOME’s ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Autumn Weekend.


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