Tots volem el millor per a ella + Somos amigos

Directed by Mar Coll

One year after a terrible traffic accident, Geni is ready to resume her life… or at least that’s what her family wants to see. The truth is that despite trying to please everyone, Geni feels unable to live up to expectations: her life before the accident no longer interests her. Why resume it then? The confusion that this creates causes her behaviour to become increasingly more erratic and leads to a single idea that begins to grow within her: escape.

As Geni dares to be different, renewing old friendships and acting on impulse, she endeavours to harness the optimistic exuberance of youth as she approaches middle-age, to both comic and poignant effect.

This feature film is accompanied by Somos amigos (We Are Friends), a 13-minute, award-winning Spanish language short from Carlos Solano, a former student of Mar Coll. In this amusing and astute examination of male friendship in the work place, relationships come into conflict with a harsh economic reality.

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100 minutes

Translated title:
We All Want What's Best for Her

Catalan and Spanish

Full English

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