In 1983 Basque refugees Joxean Lasa and Joxi Zabala went missing in Bayonne, followed by a wave of attacks perpetrated by the illegal Spanish death squads known as GAL. Twelve years later, a police officer from Alicante reopened the case of two unidentified bodies that had been unearthed ten years before, murdered and buried in quicklime. Were these the bodies of Joxean and Joxi? Could anyone be brought to justice for their murder?

This fictionalised version of real life horrific crimes brings into sharp focus one of the most controversial and high-profile incidents in the Basque conflict, for which director Malo has drawn cinematic inspiration from films such as In the Name of the Father by Jim Sheridan, Ken Loach’s Hidden Agenda and Paul Greengrass’ Bloody Sunday. A powerful and shocking political thriller and courtroom drama.

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107 minutes

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Lasa and Zabala

Basque and Spanish

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