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We Review Pos Eso

In November we bring you the final instalment of the 21st ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Film Festival: The Weekenders, with an excellent line-up of five great films from Spain. Here, India Morgan reviews the wickedly funny stop motion animation, Pos eso.

Prepare to be tricked and treated with this spooky addition to the ¡Viva! festival programme: Pos eso is the latest adult Claymation feature from creator and director SAM.

Thrown right into action in the opening scene, we follow Father Lenin on a tongue-in-cheek Indiana Jones-style quest to reclaim a relic for a treasure-hungry bishop. He gambles his life to outwit locked vaults resembling slot machines only to be interrupted halfway through his mission with a nagging call from his mother: “What are you doing? When are you coming to see me?” Parodying classic film genres and satirising the Catholic church, tiresome family members, political differences and apathetic social services all within the first ten minutes – the mood is set for some action-packed in-your-face mockery, and not once does the film fall short in providing it.

It is certain that the creators had fun making this film. They demonstrate a talent for ruthless wit and imaginative craftsmanship. The carnage that splatters across our screens leaves us reeling in admiration for the makers’ gutsy experimentation to prove how limitlessly malleable plasticine is. Remarkably, though the squidgy butchery that plays out against a heavy metal soundtrack verges on indulgent, it does not detract from a sturdy plot that keeps us well in suspense. The comedic effect of each gruesome scene keeps the horror light humoured. As the play on words in the title suggest, the overriding spirit of the film is satirical fun (albeit satanic). It is sure to leave you in hysterics (if not a little disturbed by your own entertainment). They get away with it 100%. A very clever, very funny film of our times – don’t miss it.

Pos eso screens on Fri 6 and Sat 7 Nov. Click here to find out more and buy tickets.