Cult Films

Deciding what makes a film a cult movie is relatively arbitrary.

It can be a film that is so bad it’s good, a film that is in some way sexually or socially perverse or a title that has come to attain a sizeable following after being initially ignored by the masses.

Our new ‘Cult’ strand explores all of the above. We’ll take you on some weird and wonderful journeys, and to places both familiar and unknown.

Cult/ Vampire’s Kiss

Fri 28 Apr

The movie that launched a thousand memes, Vampire’s Kiss is classic Nic Cage. His performance is completely committed, unfiltered and features the most notorious, glorious…

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Cult/ Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey

Fri 7 Apr

A. A. Milne’s charming story of cuddly teddy bears and bucolic bliss in the British countryside gets a radical reimagining in Rhys Frake-Waterfield's brutal, bizarre…

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The Silent Star

Fri 26 May

The first science-fiction film made in East Germany – and released in the midst of the US / USSR Space Race – The Silent Star…

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Berlin – Schönhauser Corner

Wed 31 May

They are East Berlin teenagers. They want to be free – to dance to rock’n’roll, trade forbidden western goods and get away from the constraints…

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DEFA: Genre in Service of the State

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Previously in this strand:

Cult/ Battle Royale

Fukasaku's brutal and harrowing yet totally bonkers action cult classic returns to our cinemas. Following 42 junior high schoolers as they're dumped on a remote…

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One of the ickiest, most original body horror shockers of all time. A biting horror satire, it culminates in one of the audacious “climaxes”’ in…

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The Blues Brothers


An anti-authority classic from John Landis, Akroyd and Belushi are a dream team, whilst Aretha Franklin, James Brown are amongst those providing the scintillating sounds

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Cult/ The Lost Boys

After moving to a new town, two brothers are sucked into the mysterious and dangerous world of bikers, vampires and vampire hunters.

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Cult/ The Room

The definition of contemporary cult classic and the fruits of labour of Tommy Wiseau, the narrative involves a semi-autobiographical love triangle and considers the curse…

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Cult/ Horror Express

A classic 1970s horror film that brings together genre icons Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing alongside Telly Savalas on a Trans Siberian Express heading for…

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Cult/ Deep Red

Musician Martin is haunted by a children’s song, and eyewitness to the murder of a psychic medium. Teaming up with a young reporter, can the…

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Cult/ Harold and Maude

Young, rich, and obsessed with death, Harold finds himself changed forever when he meets Maude at a funeral. This screening will be preceded by an…

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Cult/ Demon Seed

After a scientist creates Proteus, an organic super-computer with artificial intelligence, it slowly becomes obsessed with its creator's wife, memorably played by Julie Christie. Cammell’s…

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The Shout

Polish auteur Jerzy Skolimowski offers an uncanny and uncompromising vision of rural English life in this disquieting horror, which won the Grand Prix at Cannes…

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