Our engagement activity is crucial to achieving the vision for HOME because it connects with an exceptionally diverse mix of people who see and shape our programme.

By ‘engagement’ we mean every activity that enables people to get closer to the programme, artists and art-forms, and to tell their own stories through their own artistic creations. Our engagement is integrated across the programme, which spans five distinct strands:

  • Visual art
  • Film
  • Theatre
  • Community and Young People
  • Digital and Creative Development

Our programme enables audiences and artists to deepen their interests and skills, actively, take part in the programme, debate, take artistic risk, make new work and meet others.

Whether it’s through artist-led participatory projects, workshops, study sessions, courses, Q&A’s, fresh interpretation, residencies, commissions, talent development projects or work-based learning – everything we do links to our wider programme, with nothing in isolation.

Our approach to engagement also aligns itself to the relevant objectives of our key stakeholders – Manchester City Council, the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities, Arts Council England and the British Film Institute.

In practice this means we are rigorous about the quality of the artists we work with – be they local or international – and in providing opportunities to develop talent and showcase new work. It means we set out to achieve a range of learning and skills based outcomes and address specific agendas such as worklessness. We consult with our stakeholders about where we target our work geographically and in terms of the ages and backgrounds of the people we engage with. Our aim is for the people who use HOME to be as representative of the population around us as possible. That means we will work harder at engaging more young people, families, students, disabled people and people living in areas of deprivation.

We exist to have impact artistically, economically and socially.