HOME Theatre Programming Policy

Interested in bringing your show to HOME?

This page will offer you the best way to send us information and the process we follow at HOME

HOME has two distinct theatre spaces:

Theatre 1 (447 seat, three tier)
HOME’s Theatre 1 space is at the same time both epic and intimate. Given the past few years of upheaval, our larger space hosts productions that aim to restore hope and joy by offering moments of escapism, space for reflection and to boost our well-being. These may be shows that have a broad appeal and perhaps feel more familiar to audiences, allowing us to spend quality time with friends and family and have a good night out.

Theatre 2 (130 seat, flexible)
Theatre 2 at HOME is a flexible 130 seat space where artists and theatre-makers perform work that explores and questions contemporary society. The work staged in this space is innovative, experimental and varied in its approach and form, but always with issues of social justice at its heart. T2 is the stage where we see the world reflected back at us. Whether they are stories that are local, regional, national or international, past, present or future, T2’s programme aims to be a space of connection and reflection; for debate and dialogue; for ideas and experimentation; for both artists and audiences alike.

Key Information

HOME works approximately 9-12 months in advance so please bear that in mind when making a programming approach

When sending information to us it would be useful for you to consider the follow questions to let us know more about these areas and let us know:

– How you feel you fit in to HOMEs programming approach for their spaces?
– What you feel is your audiences for your work?
– Your current marketing copy
– Send any images and/or Video whether from a finished show or work in progress
– Your planned tour dates including your start and end dates
– Any information on your Creative Team
– Any known technical information
– Which space you would be looking at for your show
– Any other pertinent information

Email programming@homemcr.org

Each proposal will then be looked at by HOME’s programming team which will include HOMEs Head of Programme & Programme Producer as well as representatives from our Talent Development team.

If we feel that your show could fit a season at HOME then it will also be discussed with HOMEs Executive and Creative Development teams for a final decision.
These meetings happen monthly.

We will then get in touch with you to discuss dates/financial deal and progress your show for HOMEs season

If we don’t already know your company’s work then the chances are we’d love to see it first to make sure we’re the right fit for you. So please do invite us to see your work on tour and/or in development – it’s the best way for us to get to know your work and assess it for HOME.

This comprehensive guide includes advice for artists setting out to get their work programmed as well as a directory of Northern venues who programme new work.

It is published by Venues North.

Routes In is updated once a year.

Download the latest version of Routes In