HOME Artist Film

HOME Artist Film is a unique project for the production, distribution, exhibition, training and development of artist film.

HOME Artist Film was set up as Cornerhouse Artist Film in 2011 by Sarah Perks to investigate new methods of production, distribution and exhibition. Specifically designed for artist long form and feature film, this project is designed to exploit our unique bridge between visual art networks, artists and independent film exhibition. Our ground breaking work in the production, presentation and distribution of artist-led features marks the next chapter in our long-standing support of experimental film and video since Cornerhouse opened in 1985.

Our latest artist film commission is Nick Jordan’s Concrete Forms of Resistance (2019, 25 mins). Filmed in Tripoli, Lebanon, Concrete Forms of Resistance is a documentary centred upon the city’s abandoned ‘Permanent International Fair’, designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in the mid-1960s. The film presents themes of progress and crisis, labour and capital, material and memory, contrasting the utopian vision of the original plans with the stark realities of sectarian divisions, regional conflicts and rising economic inequalities.

Interwoven throughout the film are sequences that feature Tripoli’s artisan carpenters and wood carvers, who provided a key role in the site’s original construction: creating the timber ‘formwork’ moulds to cast Niemeyer’s signature curved, organic shapes. The film’s soundtrack features an original score by Sam McLoughlin and David Chatton Barker (Folklore Tapes), combined with field-recordings made inside the Fair’s ‘Experimental Theatre’ dome.

Although producing and commissioning new Artist Film has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, HOME is committed to Artist Film in all its forms, and we will be announcing our future plans shortly.

Main image: Nick Jordan, Concrete Forms of Resistance (2019).

For bookings and enquiries, please contact the HOME Artist Film team on artistfilm@homemcr.org


Selected titles are also available on MUBI and BFI Player.


  • I, Dismantled (Paul Daly, 2020)
  • Concrete Forms of Resistance (Nick Jordan, 2019)
  • Fleeting Flights (David Bethell, 2019)
  • A Virus Walks Into A Bar (John Walter, 2018)
  • The Scar (Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler, 2018)
  • 182cm Queenie (La JohnJoseph, 2017)
  • House on the Borderland (Clara Casian, 2017)
  • Aliens (Luis Lopez Carrasco, 2017)
  • It’s What’s Inside that Counts (Rachel Maclean, 2016)
  • YOU ARE A POWERHOUSE! (Chris Paul Daniels, 2015)
  • The Bottom of the World (James Richards, 2015)
  • Two specially curated compilations have been made for Film Hub NWC and available to book now – Transactions of Desire and The Tin Screen: no.w.here’s 10th birthday party. Please see the Hub website for more information
  • HOME’s Creative Director Jason Wood, co-directed a short film with Simon Barker, Always (crashing), cycling through Ballardian motifs from isolation to disintegration.
  • Now: A Dialogue on Female Chinese Contemporary Artists  (Compilation, 2017)