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HOME Artist Film

HOME Artist Film is a unique project for the production, distribution, exhibition, training and development of artist film.


  • Congratulations to our Feature Expanded Award 2015, Island of the Hungry Ghosts (2018) by artist-filmmaker Gabrielle Brady. The film was awarded the Amsterdam Human Rights award at idfa 2018, Best Documentary at Tribeca 2018 and the Buyens-Chagoll Jury Award at Visions du Rèel. The film takes place on remote Christmas Island where 50 million crabs make their annual voyage to the oceans edge. The same jungle hides a high-security  detention centre where thousands of asylum seekers have been locked away indefinitely.
  • Following on from the successful release of Andrew Kötting’s Lek and the Dogs (2017) back in June 2018, the limited edition DVD and Blu-Ray is now available in the HOME shop and on the Cornerhouse Publications websiteLek and the Dogs is an adaptation of Hattie Naylor’s play about a young boy, who ran away to live in Moscow with a pack of wild dogs, in Kötting’s film we see the boy relocated to a desert in Northern Chile.

For bookings and enquiries, please contact the HOME Artist Film team on artistfilm@homemcr.org


Selected titles are also available on MUBI and BFI Player.


  • Fleeting Flights (David Bethell, 2019)
  • A Virus Walks Into A Bar (John Walter, 2018)
  • The Scar (Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler, 2018)
  • 182cm Queenie (La JohnJoseph, 2017)
  • House on the Borderland (Clara Casian, 2017)
  • Aliens (Luis Lopez Carrasco, 2017)
  • It’s What’s Inside that Counts (Rachel Maclean, 2016)
  • YOU ARE A POWERHOUSE! (Chris Paul Daniels, 2015)
  • The Bottom of the World (James Richards, 2015)
  • Two specially curated compilations have been made for Film Hub NWC and available to book now – Transactions of Desire and The Tin Screen: no.w.here’s 10th birthday party. Please see the Hub website for more information
  • HOME Artistic Director: Film, Jason Wood, has co-directed a new short film with Simon Barker, Always (crashing), cycling through Ballardian motifs from isolation to disintegration.
  • Now: A Dialogue on Female Chinese Contemporary Artists  (Compilation, 2017)

HOME Artist Film was set up as Cornerhouse Artist Film in 2011 by Sarah Perks to investigate new methods of production, distribution and exhibition. Specifically designed for artist long form and feature film, this project is designed to exploit our unique bridge between visual art networks, artists and independent film exhibition. Our ground breaking work in the production, presentation and distribution of artist-led features marks the next chapter in our long-standing support of experimental film and video since Cornerhouse opened in 1985.

Cornerhouse Artist Film first co-commissioned and distributed Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing’s Self Made (2010), followed by Andrew Kötting’s Swandown (2012). Swandown was selected for competition in the ACID section of Cannes International Film Festival in 2013.

In 2013, Cornerhouse Artist Film completed it’s first in-house feature film, Rough Cut by London-based visual artist Jamie Shovlin, which was shown at the 43rd Rotterdam International Film Festival. 2014 also saw the release of Bob and Roberta Smith’s Art Party and a nationwide art party was held in over 30 venues on the day the GCSE results were announced.

The award-winning Subconscious Society (2014), Rosa Barba’s first 35mm long form film commission, was followed up by Declan Clarke’s The Most Cruel of All Goddesses (2015) and also two special artist film compilations – Transactions of Desire (celebrating HOME’s first year) and The Tin Screen (celebrating no.w.here’s tenth birthday).