Rough Cut

Directed by Jamie Shovlin

How do you remake a film that never existed? 

Rough Cut, the debut feature from artist Jamie Shovlin, explores the re-making of an exploitation film that never was.  At its dark heart is Hiker Meat, an archetypal 1970s slasher movie imagined by Shovlin, complete with hitchhiking heroine, charismatic commune leader and a group of teens who disappear one by one. This tantalising film-within-a-film serves to both deconstruct and pay affectionate homage to the often-maligned exploitation style.

Having created a full screenplay, score and cut-and-paste prototype for Hiker Meat, Shovlin filmed key sections and a full trailer in an intense shoot in the Lake District in summer 2013. Rough Cut contrasts these re-made sequences with on-set footage and insights into the development of Hiker Meat’s script, soundtrack and design, to create a compelling mash-up of self-referencing processes, behind-the-scenes viewpoints and time-honoured slasher tropes.

Rough Cut features in a wider exhibition, Jamie Shovlin: Hiker Meat, which ran Sat 18 Jan 2014 – Mon 21 Apr 2014 at Cornerhouse.

Rough Cut is a co-commission between HOME Artist Film (formerly Cornerhouse Artist Film) and TIFF: Toronto International Film Festival.

Screened at the 43rd International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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Staff Review

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90 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain

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