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A Small Gathering

Escape, fantasy, laughter

★★★★ ‘The stories are frightening and funny in equal measure, careering from realism into a stylised and surreal world of black comedy, gothic horror and fantasy.’ The Guardian 

A HOME Commission

Cough up, scrub down and strap in for a triptych of surreal shorts.

Stuck in endless Lockdown isolation, three characters find different ways of managing as the days tick over and thoughts turn into visions of madness.

Ad Infinitum brings an assortment of darkly comic, twisted tales online for the very first-time, exploring solitude and the richness of our internal world in the face of a new reality.

★★★★ ‘For a piece that would have felt otherworldly to us a mere six months ago, A Small Gathering’s use of bizarre storylines perfectly captures the anxieties that our nation is experiencing.’ Theatre Weekly 

★★★★ ‘All three [films] are independent pieces, yet they all share interestingly thought-provoking elements such as fear, restlessness, absurdity, and, ironically – having a cup of tea.’ Theatre News 

‘A Small Gathering offers a creative and artistic response to the psychological effects of lockdown. Neuroses loom large…A stylistic and creative look at some of the (possibly national) obsessions and fears that have surfaced during lockdown.’ She-Wolf


Tickets are available as ‘Pay What You Can’ – the suggested price for this event is £10 – but there are a range of ticket prices so you can choose what you can afford from the options, including £0 as we want as many people as possible to access our Homemakers commissions.

We’ve also included a higher option for anyone who wants to take the opportunity to make a larger donation to our artists and organisations. How much you choose to pay is completely up to you, and every audience member will receive exactly the same content and experience.

All the money raised from ticket sales for this event will be split evenly with 50% going directly to the artist and 50% to HOME’s response fund to allow HOME to continue to support future artists and commissions.

Homemakers Project Overview

Homemakers is a series of new commissions, where we invite our favourite artists to create work at home, for an audience who are also at home.

We’re not pretending that all art can be experienced online just as satisfactorily as in person; but we want to demonstrate the innovation of artists who work all kinds of forms, by inviting them to respond to this very specific context. We want to bring contemporary new performance to audiences all over the world, in all its form-flexing, mind-expanding, surprising subversive brilliance.

About Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum is a multi-award-winning international theatre company founded in 2007 and is led by Co-Artistic Directors, Nir Paldi and George Mann. Their mission is to challenge, move & provoke global audiences by telling stories of those who are marginalised through ethnicity, socio-economic disadvantage, sexuality, gender, disabling barriers, age & mental health, & igniting passionate debate about socio-political injustice.

Ad Infinitum were recently seen at HOME with ‘Extraordinary Wall of Silence’

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