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Extraordinary Wall of Silence

Helen, Alan, and Graham are told they are impaired and need fixing. As they begin to question the world around them, three powerful coming-of-age stories unfold, uniting in a struggle against violence, ignorance and oppression.

Connecting through a shared past they are transported to one pivotal moment in 1880 when a dangerous ideology was born: one that would impair the way the world views Deaf people for over a century.

Ad Infinitum combine the company’s signature style of physical storytelling with the beauty of British Sign Language in an unmissable feast for the senses.

Extraordinary Wall is a bilingual performance in English and BSL with integrated captioning. If you’d like a copy of the script please email info@homemcr.org. 

★★★★ “Directed with precision and care by George Mann… Part history lesson and part lecture on deafhood but also a subtle interrogation of theatre itself… Often, this feels subtly profound.” – The Guardian

★★★★★ “Beautifully orchestrated, both in terms of its performance and its musicality… Ad Infinitum have triumphed with Extraordinary Wall of Silence… It’s poetic enough to be beautiful, and confronting enough to be powerful… Deserves to run and run.” – Broadway World

★★★★★ “Immersive and poetic in the best way… Profoundly moving… A must-see.” – The Reviews Hub

★★★★ Extraordinary Wall of Silence opens up our hearts, our minds and our ears so that we can finally let the voice of deaf people be heard.” – Stage Talk (Bristol)

“Rather than presenting a confusing cacophony of voices, the interaction between [spoken language, physical language and British Sign Language] proves an engaging way of storytelling, one that offers refreshing insight into the several different worlds we see onstage… Ad Infinitum is a company known for its physical storytelling, which here proves the perfect medium.” – What’s On Stage

“The cast make a smooth ensemble…  Creates believable, nuanced stories for compelling characters.” – Exeunt

“A potent and at times shocking piece of storytelling that relates the living history of oppression and misunderstanding of the deaf community at the hands of the hearing.” – Bristol 24/7

“Ad Infinitum is different. It is a theatre company that refuses to be put in a box.” – Lyn Gardner, The Stage

“One of contemporary theatre’s vital organs.” – Time Out