Homemakers: Escape from Reality

Jump online and escape from reality with our curated Homemakers collection.

Experience short films, online games, soundscapes and interactive experiences from some of the best artists in the UK.

Featuring Bryony Kimmings’ isolation date night, Chad Taylor’s immersive dance piece Lost Online, surreal lockdown stories from Ad Infinitum and ACTUALQUEST – an interactive wizarding adventure to have in your own home.

All work is on a pay-what-you-can basis delivered straight to your inbox.

Previously in this in this collection

Ad Infinitum presents

A Small Gathering

Three characters find different ways of managing as the days tick over and thoughts turn into visions of madness.

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Bryony Kimmings presents

I am falling in love with you and it’s making me do stupid things

Performance Artist Bryony Kimmings is single in lockdown and it’s smarting somewhat.

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Chad Taylor presents

Lost Online

Choreographer Chad Taylor allows dance to move between people who are physically apart, so they can dance together

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Anna Brownsted presents

Week Nine

Week Nine is lockdown escapism for you and your headphones…a story within a story within a surreal reality.

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Ugly Bucket presents

ABC (Anything But Covid)

A mix of self-help video and disturbing twisted fable

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METIS presents

Love Letters to a Liveable Future: The Postcards

What do you dream of, out there on the other side of crisis?

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Hidden Track presents

How To Win

A new episodic online game created by multi-award-winning interactive theatre makers Hidden Track

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Seiriol Davies and Matthew Blake presents


An interactive, immersive, fantasy musical that is set in and around your very own home

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Tom Kane presents


Magical, poetic, dreamy

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Tin Can presents

A Manual of Fantastical Zoology

Imaginative, intimate, live

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Hot Brown Honey & Quiet RIOT presents

Don’t Touch My Hair

A defiant musical blast that’s equal parts social activism and earworm

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