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Hidden Track presents

How To Win

Radical, interactive, game


We’re going to tell a story together.
And we’re going to play a game.
But before we play, we need to decide: how do we win?

How to Win is a new episodic online game created by multi-award-winning interactive theatre makers Hidden Track, in collaboration with you, the player.

Each new episode will be created in response to your suggestions. Give us your ideas, vote on your favourites, shape or derail the future of our story.

In these difficult times, can we find a way that everyone can win?

New chapters of How to Win will be released throughout the summer, based on the suggestions and votes we receive from our audience. Your ticket will give you access to all future instalments, and ongoing opportunities to send us your ideas. Keep an eye on the game page, and Hidden Track’s social media to make sure you know as soon as new chapters are released.


Tickets are available as ‘Pay What You Can’ – the suggested price for this event is £5 – but there are a range of ticket prices so you can choose what you can afford from the options, including £0 as we want as many people as possible to access our Homemakers commissions.

We’ve also included a higher option for anyone who wants to take the opportunity to make a larger donation to our artists and organisations. How much you choose to pay is completely up to you, and every audience member will receive exactly the same content and experience.

All the money raised from ticket sales for this event will be split evenly with 50% going directly to the artist and 50% to Harrogate Theatre’s response fund to allow them to continue to support future artists and commissions.

Homemakers Project Overview

Homemakers is a series of new commissions, where we invite our favourite artists and artistic partners to combine to create work at home, for an audience who are also at home.

We’re not pretending that all art can be experienced online just as satisfactorily as in person; but we want to demonstrate the innovation of artists who work all kinds of forms, by inviting them to respond to this very specific context. We want to bring contemporary new performance to audiences all over the world, in all its form-flexing, mind-expanding, surprising subversive brilliance.

About Hidden Track

Hidden Track is a multi-award winning interactive and game theatre company, pioneering adventures in theatre form that tell accessible political stories to unite and empower unheard audiences. They experiment with new forms of storytelling, live gaming and audience interaction to bypass the barriers that can exclude audiences from the arts: developing original theatre while delivering real audience care; strong, emotional narratives; and voices that aren’t often heard on a traditional stage. They endeavour to create work that is accessible to anyone, regardless of background or prior knowledge of theatre. Whoever you are, they want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and entertained.

@HiddenTrackTC on Twitter

About Harrogate Theatre

Harrogate Theatre was built in 1900 and sits at the heart of Harrogate. The theatre presents a wide programme of work including theatre, dance, music and comedy.  As well as producing an annual pantomime and a repertory company, offers a wide range of artist development and support opportunities. Recent supported artists include Adam Robinson, Rachael Halliwell, Forget About The Dog, Levantes Dance, King Brilliant and Simon Brewis & Dick Bonham. The organisation runs a vibrant education and outreach department that delivers throughout the District.

@HGTheatre on Twitter