Homemakers: Push the Boundaries

Dive in to a collection of curious work pushing the boundaries in film, theatre and spoken word. Enjoy a childlike terror with Ugly Bucket’s ABC, take on capitalism with How to Win‘s interactive game or just sit back and watch those pushing the envelope creatively.

All work is on a pay-what-you-can basis delivered straight to your inbox.

Previously in this in this collection

David Ellington presents


David Ellington brings to life his poignant and political BSL poem, Liberty, in a new short film

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Tin Can presents

A Manual of Fantastical Zoology

Imaginative, intimate, live

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Leaphia Darko/The London Rep presents

The Very Error Of The Moon

Solitude, Shakespeare, inequality

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Karen Cogan presents

Turkey Sausage Roll

Frank, punchy, moving

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Hidden Track presents

How To Win

A new episodic online game created by multi-award-winning interactive theatre makers Hidden Track

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Ugly Bucket presents

ABC (Anything But Covid)

A mix of self-help video and disturbing twisted fable

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Vici Wreford-Sinnott presents


A funny, edgy radical, trying to live a subversive lifestyle right slap bang in the middle of the radar

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Ad Infinitum presents

A Small Gathering

Three characters find different ways of managing as the days tick over and thoughts turn into visions of madness.

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