Tess is yawning on a first date and Georgie is falling asleep in her final year presentation. Often mistaken for hungover uni students, Tess and Georgie live under a code of confidentiality and secrecy as volunteers for their student helpline service – Nightline. Over the course of one night shift, two volunteers and the callers they encounter navigate student mental health, relationships and being on the precipice of young adulthood.

111 More Time is a fictional piece of theatre inspired by verbatim interviews with Nightline volunteers and young people with a range of mental health journeys.

Written by Amy Lever & Harriet Eaton
Directed by Sam McElhattan
Designed by Jay Hackett

“If I could give this a score above 5 – it is more than well-deserved – I would, but I suppose I’d have to settle on a 5/5 this time. An unmissable performance and a truly spectacular show. I cannot recommend getting a ticket to this enough.”

The Tab

"a subcultural phenomenon"

Binge Fringe Magazine, Edinburgh Fringe 2022

“A revelation… cleverly-constructed, superbly-written script… I feel I am a better person for seeing it”

Richard Stamp, Editor-in-Chief of Fringe Guru and The Wee Review Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Northern Soul

London Reviews 1

1 hour

Content Warnings: mental health, drug addiction, sexual assault, verbal abuse, abusive/controlling parents, misogyny, toxic masculinity, self-harm, physical abuse, sexually transmitted infections.