Join the Balmy Army as we host a protest march for less crap mental health support for young people.

That’s right folks, the feds and the city council have given us permission to march through the streets – dancing and singing

It’s gonna be bonkers.

Join us at HOME on Sat 15 Jul, at 14.00 to get your placard and face painted, learn a dance routine and some silly songs, before moving through the city towards Manchester International Festival’s festival square for an extraordinary rally in support of far better mental health support for young people.

It will be loud, proud, safe, supportive, demanding, silly, beautiful and like nothing that has ever happened before.




Where does the rally start and finish?

The march starts outside HOME, Manchester (M154FN) and ends at Manchester International Festival’s festival square.

How long does the march last?

The march will last for around an hour with rallying song and speeches held and approximately half an hour at Festival Square following the march.


Where does the march go? (Route map)

You can see the route map here


How do I get involved?

Just turn up! The march and rally is open to all. If you would like to help support better mental health support for young people, just arrive at HOME for 2pm.

Age guidance of 14+


Balmy Army is a project made by people with lived experience of mental health struggles. You can expect content including all kinds of mental health and intersecting experiences. During each event, there will be lots of people to talk to if you find yourself with big feels.

Balmy Army is made by 40 young people from Greater Manchester, with the vacuum cleaner, Kevin Edward Turner, Lizzie Chapman, Toni-Dee, Caz Hughes, Evyn Seaton-Mooney, Rory Aaron, Rosalyne Norford, Gráinne Flynn, Cara Looij, Sascha Gilmour, Charlie Clark, HOME, Factory International, Contact, 42nd Street, Gorse Hill Studios and the Hope and Horizon Wards at Fairfield Hospital.



Free and no booking required.