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My Noir

To accompany our exhibition Double Indemnity, we’ve programmed a selection of the classiest films noirs chosen by artists, curators, musicians and filmmakers.

The season launches on Sat 14 September with a 24-hour noir-athon. 11 specially selected noirs will be screened back-to-back and guest speakers will introduce their favourite noirs throughout the night.

My Noir continues into December with films including Shock Corridor, The Killing and Kiss Me Deadly.

In October our sold out evening course Lone Wolves and Dangerous Dames begins, exploring the continued popularity of film noir across eras, genres and international film cultures.

STOP PRESS! Cornerhouse has guest-edited the current issue of Film International magazine – a special My Noir  issue featuring writing by Kevin Cummins, Simon Stephens, Andrew Kotting, M.J. Hyland and more as well as editors Sarah Perks and Andy Willis.  On sale now in our bookshop.