Directed by Andy Wachowski & Larry Wachowski

The directorial debut of the brothers responsible for The Matrix, Bound is an equally stylish exploration of genre cinema. With an inventive twist on the femme fatale, Bound offers a lesbian pair – one moll, the other an ex-con plumber – who plan a heist to steal $2 million of local mob money.

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Stef Elrick, Cornerhouse Gallery Host:

“Subversion, stilettos and sex – Bound has always left me gasping (for varying reasons) right up until its squirm-riddled climax. Beautifully shot, not only does it feature the steamiest noir duo ever captured in celluloid (Jennifer Tilley and Gina Gershon), it’s the Wachowski Bros’ first film! It’s a sultry swerving joy ride through Mafioso realms cleverly masterminded by two Sapphic femme fatales. Exceptional!”

104 minutes


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