Lucrecia Martel Season

Presented to coincide with the release of Zama, we are delighted to be screening a series of earlier works from acclaimed Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel.

“There are many ways in which Zama, Martel’s first feature in nine years, represents a departure for the Argentine writer-director. It is her first literary adaptation, her first period film, her first film with a male protagonist, her first film in which widescreen compositions largely emphasize verticality instead of horizontality, and her first feature to be set outside of her native province of Salta. Yet, while Zama represents a new frontier for Martel, it also continues and even deepens her singular, allusive approach to class, gender, race, and place, as well as still more cryptic notions of destiny and vocation.” José Teodoro in Film Comment, Sep 26, 2017

Previously in this season

The Holy Girl

When a stranger makes a crude pass at her in a crowded street, Amalia becomes consumed by the heady combination of her fervent religious education…

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A perfect coupling of literary source material and a unique cinematic sensibility, Zama weaves a magical spell.

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The Headless Woman

Verónica is a well-to-do, middle-aged dentist whose life becomes plagued with doubt following her involvement in a possible hit-and-run accident.

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La Ciénaga

A tale of two women and their families in the small provincial town of Salta, Argentina, from the director of La Niña Santa.

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