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The Holy Girl + The Making of The Holy Girl

Amalia (Maria Alche) lives with her divorced mother, the manager of a decaying hotel. When a stranger makes a crude pass at her in a crowded street, Amalia becomes consumed by the heady combination of her fervent religious education and burgeoning sexuality. Conjuring an incredibly impressive atmosphere, Martel brilliantly and absorbingly interrogates the nature of temptation and the dichotomy between good and evil.

Please note: This film is being exhibited free of charge to the public, tickets can be booked in advance for a donation of £7 (HOME Members pay £2 less), otherwise they can be booked for free (subject to availability) on the day of the screening.

Short film screening alongside this feature film: The Making of The Holy Girl

An interview with Martel in which she discusses the film and her approach to filmmaking in general. We will be screening the short film The Making of The Holy Girl before the 18:00 screening of The Holy Girl on 4 Jun 2018.