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The Headless Woman + Nueva Argirópolis + Pescados

Veronica is driving on the highway in north western Argentina. She becomes distracted by the ringtone of her mobile phone and runs over something, but drives on. The police confirm that there were no accident reports. But she has doubts about what she had really hit. Was it an animal? A child? An existential suspense drama, The Headless Woman confirmed Martel as one of the major voices in contemporary world cinema.

Short film screening alongside this feature film: Nueva Argirópolis

Movement in the beachfronts, conversation excerpts, videos circulating the internet warning about a conspiracy. On the Bermejo river basin, people sail on water hyacinths towards islands emerging on the delta. Could be an invasion, or an attempt to re-found a new territory.

Short film screening alongside this feature film: Pescados

Some fish dreamed they were a car.