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La Ciénaga +Leguas

A Chekhovian tragicomedy, the astonishing feature debut from Lucrecia Martel offers a brilliantly executed exercise in claustrophobia as it captures the temperature and texture of provincial life in the high plains of north-west Argentina. Martel’s highly original approach forces you to find your own way into and through the story as she follows – in a style that approximates a woozy, drunken haze – a mother trying to keep her home and family together.


Short film screening alongside this feature film: Leguas

It’s been said that education is a social tool for equality capable of suture a breach and spark opportunities for everyone. But what happens when even the schools reflect division and discrimination from within a community? In her short film Leguas, part of the omnibus film The Empty Classroom (El aula vacía), the Argentine filmmaker explores the subject of academic exclusion in the native communities.

In The Empty Classroom (El aula vacía), 11 filmmakers under the creative direction of Gael Garcia Bernal, portray the impact of school desertion in Latin America by means of an equally diverse and complex film. The segments travel to different countries, exploring the reasons behind the fact that almost half of secondary students never graduate.