Breaking The (New) Waves: Visions from Europe

This tour offers the chance to see some of the many overlooked, often award-winning, European gems that, outside of festivals, never reach our shores.An initiative of the UK and Irish cinemas of the Europa Cinemas network. Supported by Europa Cinemas

Previously in this season

El Bola

12 year old El Bola has a dark, disturbing secret. Until Alfredo moves into the neighbourhood, offering hope and joy.

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Preferisco il rumore del mare

The friendship between two Italian teenagers from very different backgrounds. Part of the Visions from Europe Season.

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The Last Great Wilderness

A mismatched pair of travellers – a vengeful cuckold and a gigolo on the run – find themselves stranded at an unusual inn amidst the…

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Die Innere Sicherheit

Jeanne wants to be a normal teenager, but this is difficult as her parents are fugitives from the German State.

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