El Bola

Directed by Achero Mañas

2001 ¡Viva! Audience Favourite EL BOLA marked the feature directorial début of former actor Mañas. More than delivering on the promise of his award-winning shorts, Mañas’ directorial début is a powerful drama of young urban lives. ‘El Bola’ is a 12-year-old with a dark, disturbing secret and no friends. Until Alfredo moves into the neighbourhood and reveals to Bola a wondrous new world that offers joy and hope. EL BOLA is truly accomplished on all levels, but its real strength lies in the incredible performances elicited by the former actor from his young central duo. Winner of 4 Goyas and the Fassbinder/European Discovery Award for the best first feature at the 2001 European Film Awards.

-32 minutes

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