UK Premiere/ Two short films by Cecilia Bartolomé

Directed by Cecilia Bartolomé

Following the UK Premiere of Cecilia Bartolomé’s debut feature film ¡Vámonos, Bárbara! on Sat 25 Mar, we delve deeper into the origins of her filmmaking. While enrolled in Spain’s Official Film School in the 1960s, Bartolomé made short films focused on the challenges women faced under the regressive regime, always with a strong sense of irony and humour. She graduated in 1969 with Margarita y el lobo, a film censored for its challenging and irreverent feminist matter.

Carmen de Carabanchel (Dir Cecilia Bartolomé/ ES 1965/15 mins)

A comic short about women’s lack of reproductive rights in 1960s Spain. Set in the working-class barrio of Carabanchel, it features non-professional actors and uses contemporary music and versions of Bizet’s compositions as irreverent commentary on the restrictions imposed by church and state.

Margarita y el lobo (Dir Cecilia Bartolomé/ ES 1969/45 mins)

Hailed by critics as Spain’s ‘first feminist film’, Bartolomé’s fusion of female subjectivity and comedy looks forward to future feminist film and writing, especially British writer Angela Carter’s 1979 re-writing of the fairy tale. A medium-length piece from her final-year of Film School, the film was banned at the time thanks to the combined forces of Francoism and sexism.

This screening will be introduced by Prof. Sally Faulkner, University of Exeter.


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