Los Reyes del mundo

Directed by Laura Mora

Five street kids from Medellin, kings without kingdom, law or family, looking for The Promised Land. The boys embark on a trip to claim a piece of land inherited after a long process of land restitution. A journey to nowhere where anything can happen.

This is the story of Rá (18), Culebro (16), Sere (14), Nano (13) and Winny (11), five friends on an epic mission across hundreds of miles of dangerous terrain in rural Colombia. Wild and rootless, lawless and sometimes violent, the boys seek out immediate thrills but are driven forward by their dreams for a home, for safety, for freedom. The tightknit group form their own family, complete with loyalties and jealousies, but can they overcome the odds to thrive, or at least survive?

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104 minutes

Translated title:
Kings of the World


Full English

Country of origin:
Colombia, France, Luxembourg and Norway

Year of production:

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On sale: Friends 9 Feb, Members 10 Feb & General 13 Feb