Spit That Out: North West Artist Film Programme

For over 30 years, in both our current incarnation as HOME but also formerly as Cornerhouse, we have specialised in the exhibition and now also production and distribution of experimental artist film. Puzzling, startling, frustrating, eye-watering and often incredibly inventive, ripping up the filmmaking rule book. For PUSH 2018 we present a round-up of work selected by Bren O’Callaghan, Senior Producer, Visual Art at HOME, drawing upon artists who are living or working in, hailing from, or have studied across the North West.

*UPDATE* Huge thanks to the many artist filmmakers who submitted – we’re so pleased to see so much new and innovative work being made! Although we had to make a considered selection, all material was gratefully received and appreciated. If you didn’t get selected this time, do submit to future open calls, and please consider attending and contributing as a welcome audience member!

Spit That Out 2018 will include work by Michael Branthwaite and Smiljana Šafarić, Hannah Dargavel-Leafe and Jack West, SJ Hockett, Jenny Holt, Nick Jordan, John O’Hare and Tom Phipps, Laura Spark, Amy Watson and Dennis Keighron-Foster with The House of Decay.

Earlier on the same day we’ll be hosting a panel discussion – Making It As An Artist Filmmaker – at 11.00. Why not come to both?!