Random Acts North Weekender

Random Acts North is a partnership between Tyneside Cinema (Newcastle), HOME (Manchester) and True North (Leeds) that enables young creatives to develop and produce bold, daring and challenging short films with the support of Channel 4 and Arts Council England. Part of a national network of organisations working with a diverse group of new and emerging talent, they will have produced 360 new works by 2018.

Random Acts North also offers their artists a programme of training and personal development further their creativity, networks and career. As we share similar ambitions and goals, it would have been silly not to team up and bring you a weekend of events, screenings and networking opportunities!

Delivered in partnership with Random Acts Network Centre North. Random Acts is a partnership between Arts Council England and Channel 4. Tyneside Cinema is the lead organisation in Random Acts Network Centre North, working in partnership with HOME in Manchester and True North in Leeds, one of the North’s leading independent production companies, to commission and produce new moving image work from young artists and lmmakers aged 16-24.


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Workshop/ Don’t forget to look after yourself: Wellbeing for Freelancers

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Workshop/ The Beginners Guide to Applying for Funding

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Workshop/ Marketing 101 – Branding & Selling Yourself

In this two hour workshop suitable for creatives of all fields they will introduce you to branding and marketing - equipping you with the tools…

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Panel Discussion/ Making it as an Artist Filmmaker

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