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Don’t miss our gallery reopening this week

HOME’s art gallery reopens with three simultaneous solo exhibitions

HOME’s Curator Bren O’Callaghan brings together artists Nick Burton, Joy Yamusangie
and duo Mike S Redmond & Faye Coral Johnson in a bumper presentation of three separate exhibitions. While the artists’ styles are very different, they are tied together by a unifying use of illustration.

With gallery shows having been off-menu for months, returning contemporary art lovers can gorge upon a three-course, visual banquet for audiences starved of visual art during lockdown, providing a feast after a period of famine.

All featured artists employ an unapologetic use of graphics and illustration as core to their practice, whilst the effects of working in isolation – be it in direct response to lockdown, or the continuing pursuit of an acutely personal journey – is also present throughout. The use of abstracted and playful figuration invites a closer reading, although a mirror can deceive as well as document.

Seemingly childlike in technique, illustration possesses an underrated capacity to express complex political, social and even spiritual commentary. Each artist presented in our main gallery makes use of this ‘sugared pill’ at a moment when we both require comfort and reassurance, but must face what lies beneath – be it cruelty, a desire for connection, or chaos.

While we are following social distancing guidelines, we are asking visitors to book tickets in advance. Entry will be via a timed and ticketed system.

Mike S Redmond and Faye Coral Johnson: Bubbling Pitch

Bubbling Pitch shares drawings made with a disregard for accurate representation of a dead person’s dark, dream castle.

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Joy Yamusangie: Blue Glass Fortunes

Blue Glass Fortunes is inspired by dreams, memories, hopes and the artist’s vision of illuminated blue goblets.

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Nick Burton: Our Plague Year

Our Plague Year explores the many facets of human behaviour during a crisis in the form of an episodic comic strip.

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Image: English Breakfast, Joy Yamusangie, 2019