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Our Plague Year By Artist and Illustrator Nick Burton

A New HOME Commission

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Let us take you back to 1665. A plague creeps ever towards a rural English village, Eyam, in Derbyshire.

An isolated village in lockdown brings out the worst and the best in its people (mostly the worst). Wise woman Granny Dankworth, speaks a muddled truth but holds no authority within the village hierarchy. Village gossip, George Gribble, blames the fairies for all misfortune, while young Godfrey Berrycloth, confined to a wheelchair, could be best positioned to ride out the inconvenience – his rich interior world within a moment’s reach…

In which characters will you recognise yourself? What similarities exist between their world and ours?

Week 1 (double)

The Olds Did This: Edith and Godelena are already fed up of this plague and its new rules. Like Boundary Stones.
What’s Bothering Me: The plague’s hardly started and people are getting on Reasonable’s nerves.

Our Plague Year is an alternative retelling of the Eyam Plague of 1665-66. Conceived and created by artist Nick Burton in response to a provocation by curator Bren O’Callaghan. This contemporary narrative explores the many facets of human behaviour in the midst of a crisis. Fear, anger, paranoia, bravery and hope.

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More about the artist:

Nick Burton is a Manchester born illustrator and storyteller. He spent the majority of his life in Canada (Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto), but for the past eight years has been living in Salford, England. His illustrations and comics have featured in Wired Magazine, The New York Times, Ride Journal, GQ and others. He was a finalist in HOME’s first Manchester Open and updates his Instagram feed on a frustratingly intermittent basis. https://nickburtondraws.com

Press enquiries:

For further information including press release, visual material or interviews, contact Bren O’Callaghan, Curator at HOME, on bren@homemcr.org