Stepping out from Mickey’s Shadow: 2-D Animation B

Following the huge success of computer-animated 3-D features such as TOY STORY, SHREK and FINDING NEMO, it seems that Dreamworks has decided to abandon 2-D animation. This brief season of recent features illustrates that 2-D is still alive and magically inventive outside the U.S, and not just for the kids.

Previously in this season

Cowboy Bebop

Japanese Animation.A gang of bounty hunters try to track down a terrorist who unleashes a deadly virus

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Perfect Blue

Delirious psycho-thriller & animé

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Kirikou and the Sorceress

Refreshing animated adventure for children based on West African myths, with a soundtrack by Youssou N'Dour.

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Belleville Rendez-vous

Madame Souza raises grandson Champion & his puppy. Noticing the boy's love of cycles, she trains him for the Tour de France. When he's kidnapped…

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