This witty animation, from BAFTA award-winning director, Sylvain Chomet, mixes fantasy and reality with a distinctive visual style that owes a debt to Jacques Tati, Tex Avery and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (amongst others), set to a Django Reinhardt-inspired score. Madame Souza is raising grandson Champion, a solitary boy dedicated to his puppy and his cycle. When Granny notices his penchant for pedalling, she sets to training him for the Tour de France. But dirty deeds occur during the big race and Madame Souza and the elderly dog must come to Champion’s rescue. Please note the film has no dialogue. “Wildly inventive…a surreal collision between DELICATESSEN and WALLACE & GROMIT” Evening Standard

80 minutes

Country of origin:
Belgium, Canada and France

Year of production: