Slapstick Film Season

To mark the production of Släpstick in our theatre and linking up with the BFI’s Comedy Genius programme, HOME presents its own slapstick snapshot.

These screenings are supported by Comedy Genius, a celebration of comedy on screen, led by BFI, the Independent Cinema Office and BFI Film Audience network, supported by funds from the National Lottery.

Previously in this season

Relaxed/Sherlock Jr.

A film projectionist (and amateur detective) offers to solve the case of a missing watch, but is instead framed for the crime himself. Desperate to…

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A Night at the Opera

The legendary Marx Brothers take a hilarious, musical swipe at self-importance, pomposity and insensitivity, that crescendos with a manic on-stage performance in A Night at…

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Modern Times

Subjected to the infernal production rate of the factory, a model worker suddenly has a nervous breakdown and goes mad in Chaplin’s celebrated look at…

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HarmonieBand present a Slapstick Double Bill/ One Week and Sherlock Jr.

HarmonieBand present a live and lively accompaniment to two Buster Keaton classics.

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Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday

Jacques Tati’s glorious comic masterpiece, Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday follows its lovable, geeky protagonist as he attempts to relax. This effortlessly well-choreographed fusion of sight gags,…

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The Marvellous Mabel Normand: The Leading Lady of Film Comedy

The trailblazing Mabel Normand – who starred in 167 shorts and 23 features – gets her long-overdue moment in the spotlight.

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