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Flying violins! Speed skating ballerinos! Winner of the 2017 Edinburgh Spirit of the Fringe Award, Släpstick is an ode to the timeless comedy of Charlie Chaplin, Marx Brothers, Spike Jones and Laurel & Hardy – with a very modern twist.

Släpstick fly in from the Netherlands with a unique mix of virtuoso live music and energetic physical comedy. With a flair for eccentricity and a hint of melancholy, the five world-class performers have mastered over 100 instruments between them. Släpstick is a perfect blend of dazzling musicianship, lung-bursting physical comedy and heartfelt nostalgia in the true ‘slapstick’ tradition.

★★★★★ “Meticulous musical clowning… not simply multi-talented musicians performing a range of instruments, but also knock- about clowns, in a similar vein to Laurel and Hardy, Chaplin and Harold Lloyd. The show is fresh, fast-paced and family friendly.” – The Stage