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PUSH 2016

Re:Play Festival is reborn! Greater Manchester is home to some of the most exciting and vibrant artists and companies who make work that thrills, excites and challenges audiences. PUSH 2016 will be a chance for you to immerse yourself in two weeks’ worth of new and extraordinary theatrical experiences made by these fantastic theatre makers, some never seen before and some that demand to be seen again. Presented in the intimate environment of HOME’s Theatre 2 space, this is a chance for you to support companies who are making waves, asking questions and delivering explosive experiences. Wrapped around a packed performance schedule will also be a host of workshops and discussions led by the companies themselves, as well as by leading practitioners from around the country.

Want to plan your PUSH festival visit? Download our PUSH 2016 schedule.

Our Senior Theatre Producer Kevin Jamieson previews this year’s festival:

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Change in programme: We are sorry to announce that SheepKnuckle’s production of A Brave & Startling Truth has been cancelled. This is due to a technical problem. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.