1121 Collective presents

A-Bomb on Broadway

Through club nights, street fights, bombsights and car lights – run, dig, breathe, riot, war, tunnel, think, tunnel, bomb, dig, dance.

A decade-spanning, post-apocalyptic epic, A-Bomb on Broadway charts the memories and dreams of individuals as the world burns. Combining stream of consciousness monologues, dynamic staging and an original soundtrack, it is a unique and exciting theatrical event.

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“An almost faultless performance… A slick, well worked intense production which will have you transfixed for the entire 45 minutes.” – North West End

“I found myself completely transfixed upon each actor… bound to leave you feeling stunned. A dynamic piece of theatre that has the intensity and pace required to completely mesmerise the audience.” – Sincerely Amy

“The ideas are clever, the visual images strong, and the characters convincing and interesting… worth seeing, well presented.” – Quiet Man Dave

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£12 full/£10 concs

  • Per Double Bill: £20 full/ £16 concs
  • Festival Pass: Book all shows at £8 per show