A weekend of cinematic representations and responses to the events that divided India in 1947, creating first Pakistan and later Bangladesh. In the 70th year since this momentous historical event, this season is designed to enhance understanding of the events that led to Partition, as well as exploring the meanings and legacies of Partition today.

Curated by Andy Willis, Reader in Film Studies at the University of Salford, and HOME’s Senior Visiting Curator: Film.

Generously supported by B&M Retail.

Previously in this season

Viceroy’s House

Chadha’s film deals with complex issues and ideas through the lens of those occupying the Viceroy’s house. As those upstairs plan the Partition of India,…

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Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost Q&A

We will be joined by director Anup Singh for a post-screening Q&A.

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The Name of a River Q&A

We will be joined by director Anup Singh for a post-screening Q&A, chaired by Omar Ahmed, PhD student at the University of Manchester and curator…

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Mango Dreams

A doctor beginning to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease seeks the assistance of a rickshaw driver to find his childhood home. Together they embark on a…

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The Cloud-Capped Star

Through its tale of Nita’s struggle to keep her refugee family afloat, The Cloud-Capped Star operates as a harsh criticism of the social and economic…

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Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost

Through its story of a man (Irrfan Khan) forced to leave his home and move his family, Anup Singh’s Qissa deftly explores the psychological as…

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The Name of a River

Inspired by the work of legendary director Ritwik Ghatak (E-Flat and The Cloud-Capped Star), Anup Singh’s documentary-style drama uses the love story between a couple…

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Ritwik Ghatak once again takes the results of Partition as inspiration for this compelling, allegorical, backstage drama that focuses on two rival theatre companies who…

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One Hour Intro/ Partition on Film

This talk will reflect on the imaginings of Partition, notably in Indian cinema, uncovering some of the reasons why there continues to be a relative…

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Panel discussion/ Partition and Fiction

The division of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan in 1947 saw one of the largest exodus of people in modern history. Displacement, loss…

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