Oscars: The Best Foreign Language Film

The (American) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences received 51 submissions for the 2002 Foreign Language Oscar, only one per country as decreed. By 12 February, 5 of these will have been chosen as the official nominations for the Best Film in a Foreign Language. We offer this brief season of previews (all due for release in the UK or already released) as a recognition of the richness of international filmmaking and in celebration of those who won’t make the final five.

Previously in this season

The Piano Teacher

Michael haneke latest film that won Isabelle Huppert the Best Actress Award at Cannes.

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Pauline en Paulette

Pauline, a 66-year-old retarded girl, is being looked after by her sister Paulette. When Paulette dies, the remaining siblings can only inherit if they take…

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Italian for Beginners

The first Dogme film shot by a woman. Several lonely hearts use a beginner's course in Italian as the platform to meet love.

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The Experiment

Based on the infamous

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