Jarman at HOME

As part of a collaboration with Manchester Art Gallery and their Protest! exhibition, we are delighted to announce a retrospective of one of the most influential figures in contemporary British culture.

A set designer, author, gardener and filmmaker who merged avant-garde practices with a painterly approach to cinema composition and framing, Jarman was also a pivotal and pioneering figure in gay rights activism.

Comprising all of his features as director – and some other delights to reflect his work with key musicians of the day – Jarman at HOME will also feature some special guests and speakers.

Curated by Rachel Hayward, Head of Film and Jason Wood, Creative Director: Film & Culture.

Presented with Manchester Art Gallery, Derek Jarman Protest!

Onsale dates:
Friends: Fri 17 Dec, 12pm
Members: Mon 20 Dec, 12pm
General public: Tue 21 Dec, 12pm

Previously in this season


Derek Jarman’s provocative account of the punk movement is both prophetic and apocalyptic. Queen Elizabeth I and her occult aide Dr. John Dee travel into…

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Leaving TIme: The Art of Derek Jarman introduction

This screening will be introduced by Adelle Stripe, author of Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile.

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A very special final creative act, Blue is perhaps Jarman’s most singularly iconic work. Close to his death, Jarman draws the viewer into his vision-impaired…

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Wittgenstein is a bold offbeat biography, personalised in Jarman's unique style to address the politics and sexuality of the great but troubled man, Philosopher Ludwig…

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Wittgenstein introduction

This screening will be introduced by Jason Wood, HOME’s Creative Director: Film & Culture.

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Edward II introduction

This screening will be introduced by Kirsty Fairclough, Reader in Screen Studies at SODA, Manchester Metropolitan University.

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The Garden introduction

This screening will feature a recorded introduction from Andrew Kötting and Eden Kötting, filmmakers, visual artists and creators of This Our Still Life.

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The Last of England introduction

This screening will be introduced by Andrew Moor, Reader in Cinema History at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has published widely on British cinema and queer…

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The Last of England

Made just after Jarman was diagnosed with HIV, The Last of England is a jagged, elegiac fusion of Super 8 material, riot footage and home-movies.

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Caravaggio introduction

This screening will be introduced by Francis Lee, Writer-Director of God’s Own Country and Ammonite.

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Jubilee Q&A

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Jordan, Jarman collaborator and star of Jubilee.

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The Angelic Conversation introduction

This screening will feature a recorded audio introduction from Mark Cousins

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Sebastiane introduction

This screening will be introduced by Rachel Hayward, HOME’s Head of Film.

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Leaving Time: The Art of Derek Jarman + Glitterbug + The Queen is Dead

A trio of films revolving around Jarman's solos exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery in 1992, the music video he originally made for The Smiths and…

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Super 8 compilation

This programme of Super 8 shorts is taken from the Derek Jarman Super 8 Archive, which comprises all the personal film work that Jarman made…

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The Tempest

Derek Jarman's unorthodox treatment of what is generally considered Shakespeare's final play features Heathcote Williams as the magician Prospero and Karl Johnson his familiar spirit…

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War Requiem

An extraordinary visual evocation of Benjamin Britten's choral and orchestral masterpiece, War Requiem, starring Laurence Olivier (in his last ever role) and Tilda Swinton. A…

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Edward II

This modern-dress adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's play merges the poetic, the raw and the angry. Featuring first-rate performances from Steven Waddington, Tilda Swinton and Andrew…

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The Garden

A near mythic exploration of sexual repression at the end of the 20th century, Jarman utilises a cast of iconic figures to face his own…

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Hugely significant to Jarman, his biopic of the Italian Baroque painter with whom he strongly identified was developed over many years.

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Sebastiane is Jarman and Humfress’s controversial, sexualised retelling of a 4th century Praetorian Guard whose human goodness leads to humiliation and martyrdom. The film is…

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The Angelic Conversation

Jarman’s mystical transfiguration of the English landscape is also a beautifully poetic ode to gay love, with Shakespeare’s sonnets read by Judi Dench and music…

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The Tempest introduction

This screening will be introduced by Bren O'Callaghan, independent curator.

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