Directed by Derek Jarman

Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once stated that philosophy ought to be written as if it were poetry, and a poetic intensity typified his life and his work. No wonder, then, that Derek Jarman should bring such characteristic energy to this film about the philosopher, written by radical literary theorist Terry Eagleton.

Wittgenstein is a bold offbeat biography, personalised in Jarman’s unique style to address the politics and sexuality of the great but troubled man.

Exceeding the limitations of its miniscule budget, Wittgenstein is full of arresting visuals and bold performances – Karl Johnson brilliantly captures the philosopher in all his torment and drama.

It was to be Jarman’s penultimate feature, and is infused with the sense of artistic adventure, intelligence and playfulness that characterised his life and work.

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87 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain and Japan

Year of production: