In Dreams are Monsters

This winter, we embark on a journey into the monstrous as we celebrate horror on film. Radical and provocative, horror has provided a community for those excluded from the mainstream since the inception of cinema, forcing audiences to confront their darkest thoughts and offering a platform to marginalised voices.

As part of In Dreams are Monsters – a season of horror films in cinemas across the UK – HOME presents a selection of monster movies and special events as a decidedly, demonically alternative Christmas offering. Our line-up features international interpretations of universal horror archetypes – from beastly Hindi-language cinema to a genre-defining Spanish zombie movie – and a pair of eco-horrors which examine the terror of a vengeful mother nature.

Screening as part of In Dreams Are Monsters: A Season of Horror Films, a UK-wide film season supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network.

Supported by the Confucius Institute at the University of Manchester.

In this season

Tumbbad + performance from the BollyWitch

This screening will be preceded by a performance by The BollyWitch. Inspired to perform by her desire to see South Asian artists represented more in…

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Sat 10 Dec

Tumbbad combines myth, horror and fantasy to show the terrible consequences of human greed and hubris, felt across decades.

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Troll 2

Sun 11 Dec

Claudio Fragasso’s comedy horror tells the improbable story of the Waits family and their fateful trip to the rural farming community of Nilbog.

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Weasels Clay Modelling Workshop

Sun 11 Dec

Take inspiration from our eco-horror double header and join Venture Arts’ artist Dominic Bennett and ceramicist Caroline Tattersall to create your own monstrous ceramic weasel…

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Gaia Introduction

This screening will be introduced by Ally Davies, Freelance Cinema & Screen Historian, Writer, Curator & Creative Producer.

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Tue 13 Dec

An injured forest ranger on a routine mission is saved by two off-the-grid survivalists. What is initially a welcome rescue grows more suspicious as the…

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Wed 14 Dec

Fusing the zombie genre with the "found footage" format to throw the audience right into the midst of the action, [REC] is a terrifying, relentless…

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The Boxer’s Omen Introduction

This screening of The Boxer’s Omen will be preceded by an introduction by Andy Willis, featuring BSL interpretation.

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The Boxer’s Omen

Thu 15 Dec

Kuei Chih-Hung's spectacularly unhinged black magic kung fu-horror classic, is the most notorious film in the back catalogue of Hong Kong studio Shaw Brothers.

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Ringu Screening at Chapeltown Picture House + live gaming event

This screening of Ringu at Chapeltown Picture House comes with the opportunity to play a selection of J-horror inspired video games on the big screen…

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