Presented by Venture Arts’ artist Dominic Bennett and ceramicist Caroline Tattersall

Weasels Clay Modelling Workshop

Take inspiration from our eco-horror double header and join Venture Arts’ artist Dominic Bennett and ceramicist Caroline Tattersall to create your own monstrous ceramic weasel to add to the growing Weasel Army.

Dominic is an artist who has been supported by Venture Arts for over nine years. Venture Arts is a thriving artist studio based in Hulme where learning disabled artists are supported in developing their artistic practice, creating work and exhibiting all over the world. From a young age, Dominic has been inspired by the book and film The Wind in the Willows and has had a fascination with the weasel characters in particular. These feature heavily in his artwork, and he has a burning desire to create a large army of weasels.

Dominic has previously shown his work in various venues across Manchester and has also exhibited in London and New York. He won Young Creative of The Year in at the Manchester Culture Awards 2018, and his weasel army was exhibited at the HOME Manchester Open 2020 and at the Manchester Contemporary 2021.

There was once a nice guy called Chief Weasel and he wanted to take over the city… But he is not alone. He has his army of weasels with him, they are his children.

There was also a nasty man called Mr Toad and his sidekick Ratty. They wanted to get rid of all books… We need to stop them!!!!!!

We must be united and create a Weasel Army together! Join me to help create the Weasel Army and stop Mr Toad and Ratty making this mistake.

We are Weasel Nation… Join the Nation!

– Dominic Bennett, Venture Arts Artist


2 hours

Workshop is for individuals aged 16+ and lasts 2 hours.